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  • Health Ministry: The first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ukraine
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 03 March 2020 11:43

    The first case of new COVID-19 has been reported in Ukraine. The patient was hospitalized on February 29. Research of the Reference-Laboratory of the Public Health Center showed a positive result last night. All exposed persons are under surveillance by epidemiologists. Samples were sent to WHO.

    The disease was discovered in a man who had traveled to Italy in February. The patient was returning to Ukraine by plane from Italy via the town of Suceava, Romania. He arrived in Chernivtsi with his wife on 26 February, 2020, driving his car through the Porubne border checkpoint. The woman and the man underwent temperature screening, and they didn’t have any symptoms of acute respiratory disease. They were given a note of self-isolation. Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Liashko announced that at a briefing.

    He added: "The system has proved its efficiency. While crossing the border he had had no signs of acute respiratory disease. The husband and his wife decided to self-isolate according to the care and safety info they had received. On February 29, the man had symptoms of acute respiratory illness. As the information sheet states that one should see his/her family doctor, he contacted his doctor. According to the algorithms, since in the medical history during the recent 14 days there took place a trip to Italy, the doctor decided to hospitalize the patient. Transportation was carried out by a special medical team. Symptoms the man has are fever and dry cough. The patient’s state is stable, without complications."

    The Deputy Minister also provided information on the health of the wife of the Ukrainian in whom COVID-19 was diagnosed. The official noted that she did not have any symptoms of acute respiratory illnesses, but that she was self-isolated at home for preventing reasons, abiding by the WHO recommendations.

    He also urged not to buy medical face masks from pharmacies: “You should only use masks if you have signs of an acute viral illness, or if you are a doctor who works with patients. Masks can create a false sense of safety and people will not perform important safety measures: wash their hands and the like. They won’t provide any benefit to you if you are healthy."

    Finally, Viktor Liashko updated information about the observation in Novi Sanzhary of Poltava region: “All those who are in the quarantine, as shown by the research, are healthy. No symptoms of acute respiratory disease have been diagnosed so far. This Thursday, March 5, the observation period will be over and all of them will return home."

    Health Ministry: The first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ukraine