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  • In first days of 2020, the Ministry of Social Policy transferred UAH 4.1 for the payment of social benefits
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 10 January 2020 12:39

    Through January 1 - 8, the Ministry of Social Policy transferred the sum worth UAH 4.1 billion to the regions for payment of social benefits to the population. The money will be distributed according to a new mechanism for financing social payments (budget program instead of subsidies), thereby allowing for faster payments.

    Minister of Social Policy Vitalii Muzychenko told during a working trip to Poltava region.

    “Upon request of regional state administrations, the money was transferred to the regions - namely, local social protection bodies, which are now making payments to the population through banks and post offices. Thus, beneficiaries can get relevant payment in the next few days. In the future, this decision to change the mechanism of financing social payments - when the source of funding from the subsidy to the regions was replaced with relevant budget programs - will allow citizens to receive funds a few days earlier,” Vitaly Muzychenko stressed.

    As a reminder from January 1, 2020, the Ministry of Social Policy received from the Ministry of Finance a function of control of part of the payments to the population and transformed those from subsidies to budget programs.

    According to the Deputy Minister, the corresponding changes will allow:

    - to reduce the way of transfer of funds from the state budget to the recipients of social benefits and subsidies;

    - to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the population;

    - to simplify the procedures for administering these expenditures (for example, when redistributing expenditures among regions (in connection with the displacement of families/persons, etc.), there will be no need for the Government to decide on the redistribution of funds among regions, which may have taken several months before!

    "Thanks to the decisions made, since 2020 the Ministry of Social Policy will be able to redistribute the corresponding expenditures in 1-3 days," explained Vitalii Muzychenko.