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  • Government introduced a list of quarantine restrictions that will apply from December 19, 2020 throughout Ukraine
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 14 December 2020 15:31

           From December 19, 2020, new restrictions will apply throughout Ukraine.

            What is forbidden by new restrictions?

    • Carrying out mass events (performances, holiday concerts) in educational institutions with the participation of children from more than one group/class and in the presence of visitors.
    • Carrying out festive events, banquets, master classes, public events in public catering establishments and entertainment facilities.
    • Reception of visitors in museums, exhibitions, galleries if there are more than 1 visitor per 10 m2.
    • Operation of public catering establishments from 22:00 to 7:00 (except for delivery of takeaway orders). Payment transactions are prohibited after 22:00. During the night of December 31– January 1 the work of restaurants and cafes will be allowed until 01:00.
    • Conducting religious events indoors upon condition that there will be present more than 1 person per 5 square meters; religious events open-air not keeping the requirement of maintaining physical distance 1.5 meters between those present.

             Restrictions that continue to be in force (what is forbidden):

    • Staying in transport and public places without a mask, as well as being outside without documents.
    • Unauthorized leave of the observation place.
    • Carrying out of mass cultural (including concerts), sports, social, advertising and other actions in which more than 20 persons take part and not preserving physical distance 1.5 meters between participants (exceptions: official and professional sports actions without visitors, exams for notaries and  measures necessary to ensure the work of the state bodies).
    • Operation of cinemas and cultural facilities with more than 50% occupancy per hall.
    • Carriage of more passengers in passenger transport than the number of seats (except metro).
    • Work of discos, night clubs and operation of public catering establishments with the organization of leisure.
    • Not abiding the demand to preserve a physical distance of 2 meters between the tables and to place a maximum number of 4 people at one table.
    • The work of business entities in which employees are not provided with masks, no markings are applied to the distance of 1.5 meters between customers, and visitors not properly wearing personal protective equipment.
    • Crossing the border for foreigners without an existing insurance policy (with some exceptions).
    • Activities of accommodation facilities (except hotels, rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, sanatoriums).
    • Visiting by a group of more than 20 persons of educational institutions, except for preschool, general secondary, out-of-school and specialized education institutions.
    • Visiting preschool, general secondary, out-of-school, sports and art education institutions when more than 50% of students and staff of the educational institution stay in self-isolation.
    • Carrying out planned hospitalization (except for palliative care, assistance to women in labor, newborns, childbirth assistance, treatment of cancer patients and other emergency medical care measures).
    • Operation of gyms, fitness centers and museums, if they allow more than 1 person per 20 m2.
    • Visiting (points) places of temporary detention of persons, places of temporary stay of foreigners and stateless persons, as well as accommodation places for refugees.
    • Crossing the checkpoints with the temporarily occupied territories of separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO) and Crimea by foreigners without an existing insurance policy (with some exceptions).
    • Visits to social protection institutions with the stay of persons of certain categories (persons of senior age, war veterans, people with disabilities, mental disorders, etc.).