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  • Government has approved an action plan for the implementation of the first stage of the Ukrainian Language Promotion Strategy
    Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, posted 17 December 2020 11:11

    On December 16, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft order developed by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy to approve the action plan for the implementation of the first stage (until 2022) of the Ukrainian Language Promotion Strategy until 2030 "A Strong Language - A Successful State."

    The purpose of the document is to form a comfortable and functional Ukrainian-speaking environment throughout the country for the entire population, as well as to increase the prestige and popularity of the state language.

    "In order to form a comfortable Ukrainian-language information and cultural ecosystem that will unite and where the Ukrainian language will dominate in the information environment, it is necessary to systematically increase the requirements for the quality, quantity and availability of state language products. This is the only way to create a high-quality, modern and competitive product and raise the issue of weight and recognition of the state language," commented Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

    The Action Plan, in particular, provides for the following:

    ensuring strict observance by educational institutions of the legislation on conducting the educational process in the state language;

    raising the level of Ukrainian language proficiency of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers; providing educational institutions with Ukrainian-language literature;

    conducting training courses in the official language, including through online platforms, a number of mobile applications and other distant learing forms;

    providing access to electronic textbooks and other literature in the Ukrainian language, materials about the cultural heritage of the people and the formation of the state;

    introduction of the Ukrainian language exam for those who apply for Ukrainian citizenship (from April 2021);

    amending the legislation in order to strengthen the integration processes of national minorities in Ukrainian society, in particular, to provide appropriate conditions for language learning and equal opportunities for all citizens;

    ensuring the study of the Ukrainian language by Ukrainians living abroad, protection of the language rights of people having Ukrainian ethnic origin in the countries where they currently live, and support for public initiatives aimed at promoting the language abroad.

    The implementation of this order does not require additional expenditures from the state or local budgets.

    The Government commissioned the ministries and other central executive bodies, regional and Kyiv city state administrations to ensure the implementation of the action plan within the expenditures provided for in the state and local budgets for the respective year, as well as from other sources not prohibited by law.