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  • Arsen Avakov: Government keeps full control of the entire process of returning Ukrainian citizens from China
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 18 February 2020 10:50

    The Government has been maintaining absolute control and taking all necessary security measures throughout the entire process of returning Ukrainian citizens from China and preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced during a live broadcast at the Freedom of Speech program on the ICTV channel.

    According to the Minister, only those people whose body temperature will be under 37.2 °C will be taken on board the aircraft after medical examination.

    “The Ukrainians are to arrive to board the plane in Wuhan at the specified time, accompanied by Chinese specialists. Unfortunately, those who have a temperature higher than 37.2 °C will not fly the plane because they are at higher risk of getting coronavirus infection. These people, accompanied by the consul, will be sent to a local Chinese hospital, where they will receive appropriate treatment,” explained Arsen Avakov.

    Each passenger who will be evacuated by a Ukrainian aircraft will sign a compulsory voluntary consent prior to boarding agreeing on the quarantine period to undergo temporary isolation and health monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. In case of refusal, the person will not be evacuated.

    People will receive appropriate personal supplies and medication on board the aircraft.

    Besides, there will be 16 crew members, a police officer, two doctors, a nurse, a military, a consular officer who have voluntarily agreed to maintain the order and control during the flight. All of those will undergo medical observation aftermath together with the evacuees.

    The Minister informed that the plane from Wuhan would land on a special reserve airfield and be subjected to further special disinfection.

    All the crew members and the citizens, accompanied by law enforcement agencies officers, will be delivered by special transport to a designated location for the 14-day observation.

    Arsen Avakov told that all the waste will be disposed of in a special way and that they will not be disposed of in the common drain. The sewage drains will undergo disinfection on a compulsory basis. Waste that cannot be burnt will be decontaminated.

    Apart from that, the headquarters of the National Guard and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) will be deployed near the observation site.

    After the quarantine period is over, people will be freed unless doctors determine them being ill.

    “Ukraine is a state that fights for every Ukrainian citizen. We must take them away and save,” the Minister said.

    In addition to Ukrainians, foreign nationals, in particular from Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands, Argentina and other countries, will be taken aboard for the evacuation of whom the states will pay to Ukraine.

    Arsen Avakov: Government keeps full control of the entire process of returning Ukrainian citizens from China