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  • Gov’t approves resolution to improve Ukraine performance in the Doing Business ranking
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 27 March 2019 13:40

    On March 27, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a comprehensive resolution, initiated and developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, aimed at facilitating business environment in Ukraine and improving Ukraine's performance in the international Doing Business ranking - Ease of Doing Business rank.

    "The business climate in Ukraine consists of many small solutions, which in the complex give a substantive result. One of our key challenges in improving the business environment is to minimize the number of direct contacts between businesses and officials. It is for this purpose that we are expanding the possibilities of e-government in the sector of registration and obtaining by entrepreneurs of permits and other documents. In the approved Government resolution, in particular, the norms are determined to allow the founders of limited liability companies to select from an electronic database the variants of the statutory documents, while the construction contractors, at a faster pace and with cheaper cost, to register a declaration about readiness for construction object through an electronic cabinet", commented Maxym Nefiodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the importance of the Government's approval of the decision in favor of business.

    Thus, the Government has simplified the process of bringing the statutes of existing LLC in compliance with the Law "On Limited Liability Companies". In line with the amendments approved in the resolution, the very procedure of registration of the LLC will be maximally accelerated.

    Alongside this, the Cabinet of Ministers has allowed the banking institutions to receive information from the state registers about persons applying for loans. By this time, there was absent such an opportunity at the legislative level, which complicated the task for banks to predict the ability of a person to fulfill obligations to repay loans. This increases the riskiness of banking operations on loans, as well as leads to the accumulation of problem loans, which in turn increases the value of funds for customers. The expected result will be a reduction in loan pricing.

    Among other things, the resolution adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers established a single, transparent and friendly order for the assignment of postal addresses to construction sites and real estate objects for businesses. By this time, the legislative field of Ukraine lacked a clearly defined procedure for providing addresses for ready-made construction objects. Providing postal addresses was within the responsibility of local authorities at their discretion. The lack of a clear procedure for providing addresses often led to abuses: artificial delaying of the procedure and further creating barriers to the registration of new real estate.

    Moreover, the Government has also simplified the registration of the declaration on the readiness of the construction object for exploitation through the expansion of the functions of the electronic cabinet of employees of state architectural and construction control, as well as the determining of the status of electronic service as an electronic cabinet of the customer. This decision will encourage construction project owners to use more e-government opportunities in the field of registration of real estate objects and reduce their personal interaction with state architectural and construction control bodies.

    The Cabinet of Ministers has brought procedures for the implementation of environmental control of the discharge of water containing pollutants during the stay of vessels in inland seawater or territorial sea in compliance with the requirements of the Customs Code of Ukraine (exclusion of control of ballast water). By this time, the legislation of Ukraine contained an imperfect procedure for the implementation of marine environmental inspections by the State Ecological Inspection for the control of water discharges containing pollutants during the stay of vessels in inland waters of Ukraine. The result of the adoption of the resolution will be the reduction of corruption risks in the environmental sphere.

    Another Government decision adopted in favor of the business is the simplification of the import of automotive spare parts, which will enable the reduction of the administrative pressure on the enterprises importing these products. Before, the import of automotive spare parts was complicated by the need to obtain type and quality certificates exclusively from the authorized bodies in Ukraine. This, in turn, contradicted the conditions of the international treaties between Ukraine and the EU, in particular, the Association Agreement. Due to the adopted resolution, the importing companies will be able to import auto parts to Ukraine, having certificates of type and quality of auto parts of countries, issued in the EU countries.