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  • Government approves a series of decisions to improve health services
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 18 December 2019 14:29

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting on December 18 has endorsed a number of decisions to improve health services. 

    In particular, the Government has continued a pilot project on transplantation in 2020. This will allow to extend the number of the participants in the pilot project, to conclude contract with all specialists who are performing transplantation and have licenses for it. It will also provide opportunity for using funds for payment of foreign transplants.

    Transparency of procedures for treatment of Ukrainians abroad was improved. The mechanism of communication on the website of the Ministry of Health regarding the processing status of patients' personal requests was approved. People will have an opportunity to transparently keep track of the process of consideration of their applications at different stages in order to understand the timing of their fulfillment.

    The Government has also approved a decision to improve the health care system to counter HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ukraine. HIV is one of the most dangerous diseases that can only be addressed through a holistic approach from the health care sector and social services. Therefore, it was decided that the National Council on TB and HIV/AIDS will be headed by the Minister of Health of Ukraine, and Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine will be appointed its Deputy. This will improve the coordination of the Government's efforts to combat HIV/AIDS.

    Government approves a series of decisions to improve health services