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  • Government approved the volume of military bonds purchase by ARMA
    Service of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, posted 02 December 2022 17:42

    Today, at a regular meeting of the Government, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved an order “On approval of the volume of acquisition of domestic government bonds “Military bonds” by the National Agency of Ukraine for finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes”.

    The volume of the purchase amounts to UAH 113,700,000. This is 10.26% of the funds held on ARMA’s deposit accounts as of November 1, 2022. Accordingly, the amount of funds on ARMA’s accounts in national currency is currently UAH 1,108.5 million.

    It should be noted that the amount of funds held on ARMA’s deposit accounts is constantly changing, i.e. the balances are dynamic, due to placement of seized funds in cash and non-cash forms under ARMA’s management, as well as crediting funds received from the sale of seized assets. These funds are placed on ARMA’s deposit accounts in separate tranches, in accordance with the terms of concluded demand deposit agreement.

    As of November 28, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the purchase by ARMA of domestic government bonds “Military Bonds” for the total amount of UAH 753.9 million. To date, ARMA has already purchased 450,526 bonds for a total amount of UAH 452,299,244.