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  • Ministry of Defence: Production of new Ukrainian ammunition will be faster and in larger quantities
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 01 February 2024 19:31

    The Government has supported a resolution submitted by Minister of Defence Rustem Umerov that will accelerate the launch and development of ammunition production in Ukraine.

    In July 2023, a similar resolution was already enacted. That document concerned ammunition for drones and unmanned aerial vehicle warheads.

    “We have received the results of an experimental resolution on production for unmanned systems. We see that our approach is working. The number of manufacturers and the quantity of products is increasing,” the Minister said.

    The experiment introduced a new, simplified production regime that established clear criteria for manufacturers and their capacities, as well as the procedure for development and production. This made it possible to scale up the production of relevant ammunition and improve the supply of the Armed Forces.

    During the implementation of the experimental procedure, about 20 new manufacturers of ammunition for unmanned systems became operational. Today, we already have 21 samples of ammunition approved for use, 8 samples of ammunition have already been tested and are currently undergoing the procedure for approval for use, and 29 samples of ammunition are undergoing demonstration tests.

    “That is why we proposed to use similar approaches to increase the number of Ukrainian-made ammunition. Developing the capacities of the Ukrainian defence industry will bring us security and peace,” said Rustem Umerov.