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  • Ukraine was presented at the VI World Justice Forum
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 07 May 2019 09:50

    From the April 29 to May 02, 2019 VI World Justice Forum was convened at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands. Delegates from more than 75 states were discussing the theme of realizing justice for all and global establishment of the rule of law during the Forum.

    Serhiy Petukhov, Deputy Minister of Justice or European integration of Ukraine, took part in the plenary session dedicated to success stories in providing access to justice. During last 4 years, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine have opened more than 500 free legal aid offices where about 1.5 millions of Ukrainians were provided by free legal aid and legal consultations.

    He also told the international community about the system of free legal aid of Ukraine, shared the experience of cooperation with civil society and creation of the institute of paralegals in Ukraine.

    Besides, Ukrainian nationwide legal awareness project “I HAVE A RIGHT!” was showcased as a finalist of the World Justice Challenge 2019 on the Forum. The World Justice Challenge 2019: Access to Justice Solutions is a competition to identify, recognize, and promote good practices and successful solutions to improve access to justice. Our project has been selected as one of the 30 finalists between 250 projects from all over the world.

    Five winners of the competition have received a prize for development of its projects:

    - 160 Girls Access to Justice Project, The Equality Effect, Kenya

    - Partnering for Native Health, Alaska Legal Services Corporation, United States

    - Malawi Resentencing Project; Cornell Centre on the Death Penalty Worldwide, The Malawi Legal Aid Bureau, and Reprieve; Malawi

    - Riverine People & the Right to Full Reparation, Instituto Socioambiental - ISA, Brazil

    - Monitoring Maternal Health Entitlements & Increasing Access to Grievance Redressal, Nazdeek, India

    The participants of the Forum were impressed by “I HAVE A RIGHT!” scale, coverage and creative approaches to the implementation of legal awareness campaigns.