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  • Ukrainian national contingent is an effective instrument for force displacement of United Nations stabilization Mission in DR Congo
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 08 January 2019 17:29

    Despite the New Year holidays, servicemen of the Ukrainian national contingent carry out their duties on a daily basis and demonstrate an exemplary commitment to the peacekeepers code of conduct.

    During the celebration, large crowds of local civilians could become easy targets for illegal armed groups, and taking into account the fact that the process of votes counting after presidential elections coincides with holidays period, UN Mission in DR Congo forces have to stay in exceptional readiness.

    Even when local militants do not resort to direct aggression, service personnel of 18 separate helicopters detachment has a lot of work taking preventive measures. The Mission command had noticed a long time ago that it is Ukrainian helicopters that are the biggest nightmare for the enemy and fully exploit this potential. Combat Mi-24 of our contingent carry out flights in the most troubled regions of the country at extremely low altitudes, showing the presence of the force component of the peacekeeping mission and demonstrating that in the case of any peace violation on the ground, there will be immediate punishment from the sky.

    The thesis, circulated both among local population and national contingents of the Mission, was proved again: “only the presence of Ukrainian helicopters in the sky of DR Congo is a strong deterrent factor for illegal armed formations” — the enemy did not dare to try to disrupt elections, the local population safely carried out its own expression of will.

    While the country is in anticipation of the results of the first democratic elections in its history, Ukrainian national contingent troops continue carrying out its duty, confident that there will become one peaceful State more in the world soon.