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  • Ukraine and Germany to enlarge cooperation in the energy sector

    On April 10, 2019, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on European Integration Natalia Boyko met with the State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Thomas Bareiß. This meeting finally consolidated the parties' accord on the establishment of a strategic energy partnership between Ukraine and Germany by signing the relevant Memorandum, on the basis of which the parties will increase the list of joint projects.

    Much attention was paid to the integration of Ukrainian energy markets into the markets of the European Union, in particular, synchronization with Europe in the operation of the gas market and the transition of the Ukrainian Energy System to parallel work with the integration of energy systems of the EU.

    In this regard, Natalia Boiko said: "Currently, in Ukraine organizational, technical and legal conditions are created, those aimed at successful connecting the united energy system of Ukraine to the synchronous area of the energy system ENTSO-E in the future".

    Together with that, during the meeting, the German side was informed about the approval of the updated Annex XXVII to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the implementation of which will allow the integration of Ukraine's energy markets with European ones and will ensure the implementation of European integration aspirations.

    The Deputy Minister also emphasized that Ukraine has a reliable and powerful gas transmission system, which is uninterruptedly performing its functions, so it is strategically important to maintain the role of Ukraine as a gas transit country today.

    Moreover, participants of the meeting discussed the progress of energy sector reforming in Ukraine, the implementation of joint Ukrainian-German projects in the energy sector and the possibility of providing technical assistance for the implementation of the project on the integration of renewable energy sources in the energy grid of Ukraine.