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  • Ukraine and Denmark to cooperate in the field of biogas, ministers agree
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 08 April 2024 17:21

    The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities of Denmark have signed an agreement on partnership in the field of renewable energy sources with a special focus on biogas. This area will be included in the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Partnership Programme (UDEPP).

    The relevant document was signed by the ministers German Galushchenko and Lars Aagaard during a meeting in Kyiv.

    According to Lars Aagaard, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark and Ukraine have been cooperating in the energy sector for 10 years, starting with wind energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Now another component has been added – biogas. There are many Danish companies that are ready to join cooperation with Ukraine in this area.

    German Galushchenko, in turn, stressed that it was important to start implementing the relevant projects now.

    “Over the years of cooperation with Denmark, we have managed to launch a number of important projects in the areas of renewable energy, smart grid development and expert support in the process of integrating Ukrainian energy markets into European ones. Therefore, we are pleased to further expand our partnership with our Danish counterparts,” said Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

    During the meeting, the ministers also discussed the implementation of other cooperation programmes, including the study of Danish experience in energy sector development by Ukrainian experts as part of the energy modelling programme.