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  • Memorandum on cooperation in defense and reconstruction of Ukraine signed at Ministry of Digital Transformation
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 25 May 2023 16:23

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Palantir have signed a memorandum of cooperation to support the defense and reconstruction of Ukraine in the wake of the russian invasion.

    The collaboration will include the use of Palantir’s technologies, particularly in the assessment of damage to buildings and infrastructure, and the use of software to optimize reconstruction.

    “That’s an honor for us to continue developing partnerships with such a top-notch company. Palantir is already making its contribution to Ukraine’s victory by sharing its tools and intelligence. We are excited to proceed with a new stage of cooperation within Ukraine’s recovery. Having a presence on the ground here since during the full-scale invasion also means a lot for the economy and building a new image of Ukraine abroad: bold and digital,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

    Palantir is a global software leader and cloud solutions provider whose products are used by the U.S. Department of Defense and major investment banks. The company will expand its partnership with Ukraine to achieve common goals. Thus, the memorandum provides for:

    • enhancing the digital capabilities for electronic public services providing the defense and reconstruction of Ukraine;
    • supporting and coordinating a digitally-led reconstruction of Ukraine;
    • consolidating the efforts in the field of digitalization, digital innovations and integration of Ukraine into the international market;
    • exchanging data and experience in the implementation of the world-leading technologies with the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    “We managed to create a successful point of entry for Palantir through the Ministry of Digital Transformation and drive its cooperation with many Ukrainian governmental institutions. Since Palantir is a fairly versatile intelligence instrument, we observe extremely high interest in its implementation. By developing a strong recovery plan, together we will explore the opportunity of introducing Palantir as one of the main tools of digital reconstruction to analyze data related to infrastructure and urban planning,” said George Dubynskyi, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

    “Whether helping brave Ukrainian forces resist putin’s aggression, supporting the resettlement of their loved ones, or aiding the country’s civil reconstruction, Palantir stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and its people. Today’s agreement will help to ensure that, after victory, comes prosperity,” said Louis Mosley, Palantir Senior Vice President for Europe.

    Palantir CEO Alex Karp was the first western CEO to visit President Zelenskyy in Ukraine after the war broke out. Since then, Palantir has been working with the Ukrainian Government. In particular, the company is providing software to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and assisting Ukrainians displaced abroad.