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  • JOINT STATEMENT of the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 24 January 2024 15:56

    Unofficial translation


    of the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic


    On January 24, 2024, the meeting between Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal and Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico took place in the city of Uzhgorod.

    Upon the results of the meeting the Prime Ministers:

    emphasized that Ukraine and the Slovak Republic demonstrate a resolve to further strengthen interstate relations on the basis of a mutual trust and respect, openness, as well as, the comprehensive cooperation for the benefit of the people of both states;

    confirmed readiness for further joint cooperation aimed at respecting international law, including the key provisions of the UN Charter, including respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders;

    noted the comprehensive support of the Government of the Slovak Republic to the citizens of Ukraine who were forced to seek asylum in the Slovak Republic since the start of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine;

    noted the firm and continued support of the Slovak Republic for the European integration of Ukraine while recalling the decision of the European Council of December 14, 2023 to initiate negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union, which given a shared border provides both countries with nexus to develop interconnections between eastern regions of Slovakia (Prešov and Košice regions) and western region of Ukraine (Zakharpatia), in this context;

    expressed support to the Peace Formula of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We see incoming Peace Summit in Switzerland as a great opportunity to consider all points of the above-mentioned Peace Formula.

    noted the importance of the involvement of the Slovak Republic in the reconstruction of Ukraine and the appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Recovery and Resilience Plan and knowledge economy of the Slovak Republic as Slovakia’s central coordinator on the Slovak side for the recovery of Ukraine;

    confirmed the importance of the participation of the Slovak Republic in the process of humanitarian demining of the contaminated territories of Ukraine and the urgent need to restore the infrastructure damaged due to the Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine;

    emphasized the importance of developing a military-technical cooperation on a commercial basis;

    emphasized a mutual interest in improving border infrastructure by focusing on increasing of the capacity of existing checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Slovak state border, in the context of the Ukrainian integration process into the EU

    agreed on the importance of further cooperation on improving border control at checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Slovak state border and the need to conclude an Agreement between Ukraine and the Slovak Republic on cooperation during the control of persons, vehicles and goods at common border checkpoints;

    noted the importance of joint efforts in ensuring global food security, increasing the transit potential for the export of Ukrainian agricultural products and profit from the European Union Initiative "Lanes of Solidarity" in its entirety;

    called for the further strengthening of bilateral cooperation and coordination of actions in the sphere of the fuel and energy complex, in particular, the development of the interconnection of energy systems between Ukraine and the Slovak Republic, exploring further the potential of the Mukačevo – Veľké Kapušany interconnector, as the next step after the successful synchronization of Ukrainian networks with the European continental network ENTSO-E; as well as maintaining the physical capacity and legal framework for gas transmission from Ukraine to the EU.

    emphasized the need to intensify cooperation in the sphere of the nuclear energy, to foster the IAEA support and assistance missions as part of its activities to monitor the nuclear safety and security situation at the nuclear power plants on the territory of Ukraine, as well as, organizing a cross-border highway transportation of hydrogen;

    emphasized the importance of a border area development through the implementation of projects of common interest in the spheres of energy efficiency, use of alternative fuels, decarbonization and renewable energy;

    agreed with the importance of Ukraine’s accession to the European Space Agency and developing cooperation in space;

    recognized the importance of enhancing cross-border infrastructure to boost regional trade and intensity of trade flows. Emphasize the relevance of this collaboration in anticipation of Ukraine's future integration into the Single Market and the European Union.

    agreed to explore the feasibility of establishing a railway passenger line between Kyiv and Košice, utilizing the existing wide-gauge railway. Additionally, commit to collaborating on creating new capacities for cross-border connectivity, in particular developing European-gauge line from the border to Uzhhorod and examining further opportunities to enhance cross-border infrastructure and connectivity between our respective neighboring regions contributing to the commercial use of existing capacities, improving operational process (in particular, customs and border controls);

    highlighted the significance of strengthening business-to-business relations and facilitating the engagement of Slovak companies in Ukraine's recovery efforts. Accordingly, agree to convene a business forum in the first half of 2024, encompassing participation from state and regional representatives, business associations, and pertinent government agencies.

    agreed to hold a meeting of the Ukrainian-Slovak Joint Commission on the Economic, Industrial and Scientific-Technical Cooperation and the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Slovak Commission on Cross-Border Cooperation in a short term. In this regard, agreed to establish the working group for the development of cooperation in the preparation of joint projects within the European Union programs.

    emphasized the importance of benefiting from the existing cooperation mechanisms within the framework of the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, UNESCO, IAEA, including regional formats, in particular, the Visegrád Group, the Bucharest Nine, the Slavkov format in order to strengthen practical assistance to Ukraine.



    Prime Minister 

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    Denys Shmyhal

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    JOINT STATEMENT of the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic