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  • State Statistics Service of Ukraine: In March average wage in Ukraine exceeds 2.5 times the minimum wage
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 02 May 2019 17:45

    The average salary in Ukraine in March amounted to UAH 10, 237.  According to data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the growth of real wages (March 2018 – March 2019) amounted to 12.5%. The growth in March as compared with February makes up 7.6%. At the same time, the growth of consumer prices during this period (from March to February) was 0.9%.

    Above-average salaries were received by workers of industrial sector (UAH 11,800), trade workers (UAH 10,600), infrastructure sector employees(UAH 11,200),  IT sector workers (UAH 17,300) and financial sector employees (UAH 20,400). Average wages in education sector amounted to UAH 7,600 and in healthcare sector – UAH 6,750.