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  • Development of the digital economy: Verkhovna Rada adopts draft laws on digital things and digital services
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 10 August 2023 20:00

    The Parliament supported Draft Laws No. 6447 and No. 6576, which regulate the provision of digital services, circulation of digital content and digital things. The adoption of the draft laws allows for the integration of the virtual asset industry into Ukraine's traditional economy. 271 and 277 MPs voted in favour, respectively.

    The first draft law introduces a new object of civil rights - a "digital thing" - into the Civil Code of Ukraine. The second one describes the specifics of circulation of digital content as a type of digital thing, as well as the specifics of providing digital services. The introduction of legal norms will stimulate the development of the digital economy and allow the new sector to attract additional funds to the country.

    Ukraine is actively developing new digital assets that exist exclusively in the digital space. In particular, digital things are virtual assets and digital content that have already become part of the digital economy.

    For example, in the meta-universe, people can own virtual land and live on the income from it. Thus, virtual land generates real income and becomes a valuable asset. Thus, the digital sector of the economy opens up new ways of earning money for Ukrainians.

    Until now, Ukraine has had no regulation of the circulation of digital goods and no effective tools for protecting rights to them. The adopted draft laws will help to change this situation and regulate the use of digital things and content, as well as make it safer to receive services on the Internet.