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  • Development of water infrastructure will become one of the priorities of cooperation between Ukraine and Israel in the future, says Oleksii Chernyshov
    Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, posted 07 October 2021 11:14

    Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksii Chernyshov met with Minister of Construction and Housing Policy, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and National Heritage, Chairman of the Israeli part of the Joint Ukrainian-Israeli Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation Ze'ev Elkin. The parties discussed cooperation between the two countries, in particular, the development of "water infrastructure".

    "The crisis of freshwater shortage in the world is constantly escalating. This problem is relevant for most countries. As for Ukraine, 69% of people currently have access to drinking water supply systems. Therefore, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development initiated the implementation of the national program "Drinking Water of Ukraine". The program will allow the implementation of more than 1,700 facilities in the sector of water supply and sewerage. This program is designed to provide millions of our citizens with quality potable water. In addition, untreated wastewater volumes should be reduced. I thank you for this meeting and the opportunity to discuss such important issues for Ukraine," Oleksii Chernyshov noted.

    For his part, Minister of Construction and Housing Policy Ze’ev Elkin said that Israel is ready for effective cooperation and sharing of its experience in this area.

    "Our country is one of the world's leading countries in the introduction of water technology. 87% of the consumed water we purify and reuse in agriculture. This figure has been achieved through the reform of the water supply system. We believe that this is a positive practice that should be disseminated. We will gladly share our experience," Minister Ze’ev Elkin stressed.

    Meanwhile, the official praised Ukraine's achievements in the field of construction.

    As a reminder, earlier the Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksii Chernyshov reported that the participants of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities supported the national social program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for 2022-2026 and appealed to the Verkhovna Rada with a request to approve the relevant bill.