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  • Roman Leshchenko has officially announced the start of land reform
    Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, posted 01 July 2021 14:10

    Today, July 1, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko congratulated Ukrainians on the landmark event during a press conference dedicated to the opening of the land market.

    "We have made a huge breakthrough for our state. After all, land issue is neither a question of ideology nor politics, but that of the welfare of people and the state! Land tenure has always been a privilege of the minority - we have made it the right of all citizens," Roman Leshchenko stressed.

    He reminded that more than a hundred years ago the Ukrainian People's Republic had set one of the main tasks to implement land reform and give people the right to own land. Unfortunately, due to procrastination and indetermination, they had failed to do that, and the trust of peasants was undermined. And finally, thanks to the political will of the state leadership, our generation in the new Independent Ukraine has restored historical justice for every Ukrainian.

    "As of today, the new land relations provide an opportunity to develop in Ukraine those types of agricultural production that require large investments in land - both labor and capital. Having the land in ownership, the farmer can lay a garden, vineyard, berry, build processing facilities, carry out reclamation measures. Such types of land use will create additional jobs in the countryside, young people will not have to go to the city or abroad to earn money," Roman Leshchenko said.

    He stressed that the domestic agricultural sector has everything to be the engine of GDP growth and welfare of Ukrainians. This is the goal of a developed and prosperous Ukraine: growth of farms, improvement of soil and water quality, improvement of infrastructure, increase of the number of jobs and wages, increase of competitiveness of domestic products and growth of investments.

    "An agrarian country in which 50% of foreign exchange earnings makes up agro sector, 20% of GDP is agro sector, a country that is a key exporter of food in the world - has every opportunity to become a powerful agrarian state, enriching itself and its people," summarized by Roman Leshchenko.

    Roman Leshchenko has officially announced the start of land reform