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  • Prozorro develops procurement procedure in line with international donors' rules
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 01 August 2023 10:21

    Procurement by international organizations, which will finance Ukraine's recovery, will now be available in the Prozorro. The new procedure will combine the key principle of the Ukrainian electronic system "everyone sees everything" with the ability to flexibly customize procurement according to the requirements of a particular donor.

    "In its 7th year of operation, the Prozorro system is reaching a new level, as it can now be widely used for procurement with funds from international donors. This will play an important role in Ukraine's recovery. The recent scandals have clearly shown how critical it is for our society to see what funds are spent on locally and to influence these processes. In addition, if Prozorro is used as a single system for procurement for reconstruction, we will have an opportunity to involve Ukrainian business in these procurements to the fullest extent possible and develop the local economy," said Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Nadiya Bihun.

    In December 2022, the World Bank recommended using the Prozorro system for all procurement for reconstruction needs and provided recommendations for adapting the system to the World Bank rules. All of them were taken into account in the new procedure. In addition, to make the new functionality available to other international organizations, Prozorro has provided an opportunity to set the rules of the donor procedure using the "constructor" principle. As a result, the procurement organization will have the ability to determine the rules of the procurement procedure in accordance with the requirements of any donor, namely: with or without a defined expected value, with or without an auction, with the ability to accept offers in different currencies and to select the winner not only by price but also by other criteria. Today, the new Prozorro procedure will be presented to key international donors.

    "During the great war, the Prozorro system has demonstrated that it can quickly adapt to the challenges of wartime. We are actively developing the Prozorro Market, which allows us to quickly cover our needs for relevant goods - and at the same time with high competition and favorable prices. We find a balance between data transparency and the ability not to indicate in the system anything that could harm security. But the biggest achievement is that the community of people who professionally monitor Prozorro is only growing, and their influence on what and how the state buys is also growing," commented Mykola Tkachenko, Director of the Prozorro.

    In just 7 years, the Prozorro system has hosted almost 2 million competitive bids involving some 150,000 entrepreneurs. And despite the fact that at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the use of Prozorro was no longer mandatory for a certain period, today about 70% of all procurement funds are spent on competitive bidding in the electronic system. In particular, the Government has recently adopted amendments to Resolution No. 1275, which stipulate that all non-weapon defense procurement will again be conducted in the Prozorro system.