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  • President of Ukraine signed Law on Electronic Communications
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 12 January 2021 15:33

    On January 12, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Law №3014 "On Electronic Communications", adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on December 16, 2020.

    This document is designed to regulate market relations - between the state, service providers and users, and also brings Ukraine closer to European standards in the field of electronic communications.

    The current legal framework in the field of electronic communications was shaped more than 15 years ago and meet neither the modern requirements of the market nor the European aspirations of Ukraine.

    The signing of the law "On Electronic Communications" reforms the outdated regulatory framework in the field of electronic communications in accordance with the latest European standards.

    This is a strategic decision for the development of the industry and a necessary step towards European integration and our country's entry into the EU Digital Single Market.

    The signed law provides for the following:

    reducing the number of inspections and regulatory pressure on companies in the field of electronic communications;

    all providers of electronic communications networks and services will have the same rights and access to the infrastructure, a mechanism of consultations with market participants is introduced;

    ensuring competition in the electronic communications market, which will help attract investment and improve the quality of services for all users;

    users will be able to choose certain types of services (not included in the package of services) if technically possible;

    the right to receive comprehensive and clear information by the subscriber on the description of the terms of the contract in accordance with the rules of providing and receiving electronic communication services;

    reduction of spam due to the obligatory prior consent of the subscriber to receive information and the obligatory possibility of the subscriber's refusal from the newsletter;

    increasing the fine for providers of electronic communications in case of violation of users' rights.

    The bill will also provide equal access to communication and the Internet for all citizens. The digital country must be accessible to all!