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  • Prime Minister: Growth of salaries of physicians in primary healthcare has entailed initial results in the healthcare system
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 06 November 2018 14:00

    One of the results of systemic changes that are currently taking place in the healthcare sector was a two-threefold increase in the salaries of physicians in the primary medical assistance sector. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU), which has been operational for half a year.

    The branch executives presented the current transformation outcomes and their vision of further reforming with the view to the launch of free research for patients by referral from the doctor from July 1, 2019, the introduction of electronic prescriptions and the implementation of the Available Medicines program under the auspices of the NHSU.

    Participants of the meeting noted that now with the NHSU on the contractual basis there are already cooperating 623 establishments, including 47 private healthcare institutions. This is more than half of the primary institutions in Ukraine. Under existing contracts NHSU has already paid UAH 1.6 billion as payment for services provided to patients. The number of patients who have already concluded declarations with their doctors is approaching the 21 million mark.

    "We have already made a difficult way. We have a positive shift in the primary healthcare - family doctors starting to receive a new salary. And although they do not believe in that progress, I assure you we will prolong the advancement. Everything that will depend on the Government to continue the changes will be supported", pledged Volodymyr Groysman.

    The PM stressed that the pace of reform is necessary to be maintained and the strategic plan scheduled up to 2021 - to be abiden by. The Head of Government offered to settle all the criticism and misunderstanding through organizing a large meeting of physicians and representatives of local authorities to elucidate all the benefits of the new system of financing and functioning of medical institutions.

    "We have always had two options - to leave as it was, or to start establishing order. We embarked on the basic level – a family healthcare sector. Almost 21 million declarations have already been signed ... The next step is an issue of research, analysis, ultrasonography, X-rays. We will break the system - from July 1 (2019) a new system will work. One will not have to deal with self-treatment. You come to a family doctor, receive a referral, the state will pay for the service ... Next year we will also start a series of projects in emergency medicine", said Volodymyr Groysman. "I understand the criticism. But to do nothing is even worse. Therefore, I constantly engage with this topic."

    Prime Minister: Growth of salaries of physicians in primary healthcare has entailed initial results in the healthcare system