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  • Prime Minister: Land reform is a victory of landowners, businesses and communities
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 25 May 2021 11:23

    The launch of the land market is a new page for a new successful and prosperous Ukraine. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal emphasized during the All-Ukrainian Forum "Ukraine 30. Land" on May 25.

    The Prime Minister stressed that land reform is a victory of landowners, businesses and communities.

    According to him, first of all, Ukrainian landowners will benefit from the reform. About 7 million Ukrainians own land plots. For the last 20 years, landowners have not been able to legally sell their land and have not received a fair rental value, which in Ukraine is several times lower than in European countries.

    "That is why when we talk about the opening of the land market, we are talking primarily about restoring justice. The opening of the land market will increase the price of land at least twice during the first 3-5 years," stressed Denys Shmyhal.

    The Prime Minister noted that the launch of the land market is also advantageous for Ukrainian business. He added that the current productivity of agriculture in our country is one of the lowest in Europe, and the lack of civilized circulation of agricultural land is one of the main reasons.

    "Most profitable crops and long-term investment in agriculture account for a small share precisely because the moratorium blocked such an opportunity. After the start of land turnover, producers will have the opportunity to plan their activities for years and decades ahead, and not be afraid to invest," said the Prime Minister.

    At the same time, small and medium farmers, as Denys Shmyhal noted, will receive the primary right to buy land if the landowner decides to sell his share.

    Apart from that, the Prime Minister stressed that the state provides agricultural producers with access to cheap financial resources needed to purchase land.

    "Some of the programs are already working, and another part will be launched after the adoption of the law on the Partial Credit Guarantee Fund in agriculture by the Parliament," the Head of Government said.

    In addition, Denys Shmyhal stressed that the land market is also land decentralization. He noted that during the years of independence, almost 5 million hectares of land have been handed over into private ownership through various schemes.

    "This is the price of the absence of a full-fledged land market. That is why land decentralization is one of the main components of land reform," he said.

    The Head of Government noted that now territorial communities will be able to dispose of their lands, and this will attract strategic investors to settlements, increase tax revenues, create new jobs and more.

    "Any lease will be carried out exclusively through transparent electronic auctions, which will allow us to avoid corruption risks. Communities have been empowered to organize auctions on their own and receive maximum revenues from their budgets," the Prime Minister said, adding that the potential for increasing local budget revenues from effective management of land resources transferred to communities is up to UAH 12 billion.

    Prime Minister: Land reform is a victory of landowners, businesses and communities