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  • The prefect will not have access to finance, state supervision and control is within his responsibilities, explains Hennadii Zubko

    In one draft Constitution, the prefect should be appointed by the President, in another - by the Government (as we have a parliamentary-presidential republic). But it is important to understand what the prefect is responsible for. He is responsible for the security of the people, for the coordination of the central executive bodies, for the observance of the law by the local self-government bodies, and for the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens. That's what he has. He isn’t responsible for finances and has no access to government programs, but he has the practical coordination over security forces and territorial offices of all ministries. The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services Hennadii Zubko told in an interview with UNIA Ukrinform.

    “The prefect's key function is public supervision and control. And unless the local government crosses the red line, he cannot question its activities. As soon as they have violated the law by their decision or failed to exercise their authority, he must intervene. And here the prefect has serious powers - either to suspend the decision of local self-government bodies, to sue for misconduct of local authorities, or to intervene and submit to the law enforcement authorities a request for protection of rights and freedoms of citizens.

    In this regard, there arise two major questions. The first, are local governments ready to fully assume the executive function? This means that they should have executive committees, all should manage their finances effectively, and their managerial qualities should be in line with people's demand. And the second, do we have trained prefects who will be able to come and fulfill such duties tomorrow?” Hennadii Zubko stressed.

    He cited the example of France, where a person under 45 cannot be a prefect. One can be elected president after he/she is 35, and prefect only after 45. Why? Because, they consider, a person has to get through certain periods and then bear great responsibility. The prefect cannot work in the area where he/she was born to avoid family connection impacts. That is, many, many things are taken into account.

    “The state should develop a program to comply with European requirements, to offer state financial support, and then, please, certify your institution to fulfill this program. Faculty members can be from business schools, National Academy for Public Administration, please train. This applies not only to prefects but also to mayors and heads of consolidated communities”, urged Hennadii Zubko.