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  • The policy of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources is aimed at implementing the principles of the circular economy in Ukraine
    Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, posted 11 November 2020 08:56

    Ruslan Strilets, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization, stressed during the online discussion "Sustainable Development Day" that the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources policy is aimed at introducing the principles of the circular economy in Ukraine.

    "The changes in Ukraine's environmental policy that the Ministry is currently working on are aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment from economic activities and at the same time creating conditions for the ecologization of industry," said Ruslan Strelets.

    Therefore, the activities are underway to ensure the adoption of a bill that will introduce a single integrated permit for businesses. The draft Law "On Prevention, Reduction and Control of Industrial Pollution" has already been approved by the Government and registered for consideration by the Parliament.

    This will allow for effective control and reduction of industrial pollution in Ukraine.

    Also among the priorities is the reform of the waste management system. The change of approaches will be introduced both to the treatment of industrial and hazardous, as well as solid wastes.

    It is important to encourage the closure of landfills and the introduction of environmentally friendly waste recycling.

    The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources also focuses on policy-making on the following:

    • increase of land reserves in Ukraine to the European average of 15%;
    • reducing the impact of pesticides and agrochemicals on the environment. Relevant draft resolutions have already been prepared by the Ministry. On the one hand, the issuance of permit documents will be simplified, and on the other hand, the quality of products will be more strictly controlled.

    "At that, the elements of control and administration, the process of issuing permits must be transferred into electronic format. This is the establishment of a normal modern dialogue between the state and business. Business must provide reliable information, and the state will automatically, if relevant data, issue a permit," said the Deputy Minister.