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  • German Galushchenko: No tariff increase for households is planned
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 21 September 2023 17:11

    There are currently no plans to increase electricity tariffs for household consumers. This was emphasised by Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko.

    The head of the Ministry of Energy reminded that until the end of December 2023, the regulation on the imposition of special obligations in the electricity market to provide affordable electricity to households is in force.

    “And we will extend this regulation until the end of the heating season. Therefore, the issue of increasing tariffs is not even being discussed,” he stressed.

    The Minister stressed that the Ukrainian power system was fully prepared for the autumn-winter period in terms of resources, power generation and the readiness of the transmission system.

    “The only factor that can affect power outages is enemy attacks. We are doing everything we can to ensure that such outages, if they are the result of attacks, are short term. To this end, we have already developed a variety of solutions, which we tested last winter and have now modified to ensure power supply to consumers,” he said.

    German Galushchenko emphasised that Ukraine was undergoing the largest repair campaign at power facilities in the history of its independence. It is planned to complete the repairs and restore generation and transmission facilities by the beginning of the autumn-winter period.

    “As far as resources are concerned, we will be provided with everything we need, both coal and gas. Due to the high temperatures in the last two months of the summer, the coal stocks have slightly decreased, but we have already signed the relevant contracts, including for imports, and we will be fully supplied with coal in the required amount. We currently have almost 15 billion cubic metres of gas in storage, which is even more than we planned at the beginning of the heating season. Therefore, there will be no problems with resources,” the Minister stressed.