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  • Housing and communal services prices hike will not affect the recipients of subsidies
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 25 October 2018 14:26

    Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Andrii Reva on air of "Pryamiy" (Direct) TV channel touched upon the main principles of the housing subsidies program  in the context of the gas price hike.

    According to the Minister, housing and communal services  differ from any other services  because of  their burning need for citizens  in the winter period,  therefore the program of housing subsidies is of utmost importance.

    "A person can’t live without housing and communal services because it is impossible to stay in a non-heated room in the winter period. And when a person does not have the opportunity to purchase heat at a price set by the manufacturer, the state's obligation is toprovide assistance, and this aid is called a subsidy", Andrii Reva explained.

    He also emphasized that the recipients of subsidies will not feel price fluctuations because the sum they pay will remain unchanged.

    The subsidy depends on two factors: the level of the tariff and the income of citizens. If the income of the population does not change, but the tariff increases, the amount of money a person pays for heating  remains unchanged, and the tariff increase is compensated by increase in the subsidy, thus the state’s targeted assistance grows as tariff increases, and for a person remains unchanged ", the Minister underscored.