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  • Preparing for EU accession negotiations: Ministry of Finance has fully implemented 742 acts of EU law, 46% of all acts implemented by Ukraine
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 26 December 2023 18:05

    In December 2023, a report was presented on the initial assessment of the progress in the implementation of the EU legal acts (EU acquis).

    This is a comprehensive comparative analysis of Ukrainian legislation in terms of its compliance with EU law.

    The Ministry of Finance has been designated as responsible for four negotiation chapters: taxation, customs union, financial control, financial and budgetary provisions, as well as a co-executor in more than 12 negotiating chapters.

    As part of the initial assessment, the Ministry of Finance processed more than 7,000 EU acts.

    Thus, it was determined that the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has fully implemented 742 acts, 46% of the total number of EU acts implemented by Ukraine to prepare for the EU accession negotiations. Also, 25 acts are in the process of implementation.

    The Ministry of Finance is making significant efforts to harmonize Ukrainian legislation with the EU acquis.

    In particular, steps are being taken to improve the customs and tax systems: bringing customs legislation in line with EU norms, ensuring simplification and standardization of customs procedures, introducing an electronic system for monitoring the movement of goods, increasing the efficiency of customs procedures, and implementing measures to promote transparency and fairness in tax matters, including pricing and avoidance of double taxation.

    New laws are also being introduced that meet international standards in the fight against money laundering, strengthening monitoring and control over financial transactions.

    In the area of public financial management, the Ministry of Finance is promoting the introduction of new procedures for more effective internal control of public finances, to prevent abuse and inefficient use of budget funds, as well as to enhance transparency and accountability.

    More than 80 public authorities and state institutions were involved in the initial assessment process under 34 negotiated chapters.

    The parties reviewed more than 28,000 acts of EU law. Thus, it was determined that:

    • 2,739 EU legal acts are subject to further full and/or partial implementation;
    • 1,625 EU legal acts are fully implemented;
    • 23,456 EU legal acts do not require implementation.