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  • Pavlo Petrenko: Law "On Electronic Trust Services" comes in force
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 07 November 2018 13:03

    Today, the Law "On Electronic Trust Services" came into force, thereby enabling the introduction of modern electronic identity verification methods, including MobileID, in Ukraine. This was announced today by the Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko during the Government sitting.

    "The introduction of the Law "On Electronic Trust Services" will provide Ukrainians with modern tools to do transactions and interactions with partners and public authorities", said the Minister of Justice.

    Due to the norms of the law, the number of public services that can be obtained by each Ukrainian citizen without leaving home is increased. Moreover, the confidentiality and full protection of personal data are guaranteed, and the electronic identification of Ukrainian users will be recognized all over the world.

    "An important advantage of the new digital approach is the fixation of the real-time signing of electronic documents. This means the protection of business - the reliability and validity of contracts concluded online in real time ", added the Minister of Justice.

    According to him, the reality for Ukrainian citizens and businesses will be the access to public services throughout the European Union.

    "In fact, this is Ukraine's integration in the EU digital environment", stressed Pavlo Petrenko.

    One of the key services based on the new legislation will be MobileID service.

    "From now on, Ukrainians have access to the modern simple and very convenient means of identification MobileID, or recognition through a mobile phone. Due to this our citizens will get an opportunity to receive public services or sign documents using a mobile device", explained the Minister of Justice.

    He stressed that this method of identification is much more reliable than the commonplace login and password for us, it will almost be impossible for criminals to fake or steal.

    "In order to use the MobileID service, you must contact your mobile operator and submit an application with a passport and identification code and the operator will issue a new generation SIM card. An individual digital signature will be recorded on it", the Minister of Justice stressed.

    According to him, the new technology protects data with the most advanced cryptographic algorithms available on all types of mobile devices, which have operating systems Android, iOS, Symbian, etc. In addition, SIM cards allow to work with several qualified certificates at a time, which is convenient for citizens who can be both physical and legal persons.

    Pavlo Petrenko reminded that before the law came into force, only electronic identification of citizens through electronic digital key had been operational in Ukraine, which required the time spent visiting the bodies involved in the generation of such keys.

    The Ministry of Justice has completed the preparation of bylaws, which will enable the effective implementation of the law from the first days.

    "At the same time, today the Government has supported the resolution of the CMU "On Approval of Requirements in the Sector of Electronic Trust Services and the Procedure for Verifying Compliance with Legislation in the Sector of Electronic Trust Services". The document will ensure the creation of a single environment based on the system of electronic trust services with other countries and guarantees the protection of personal data. All this will provide an opportunity to increase the level of citizens' trust in electronic services", said the Minister of Justice.

    He also noted that the Ministry of Justice had drafted another 2 documents aimed to streamline the procedure for assessing conformity in the field of electronic trust services, and to establish a procedure for mutual recognition of Ukrainian and foreign open keys and electronic signatures.