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  • Parliament adopts in the first reading the law establishing a system of registration of persons whose lives and health were affected by the armed aggression of the russian federation
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 25 April 2024 17:11

    During more than two years of the full-scale war unleashed by the russian federation, a large number of Ukrainians have suffered from the crimes of the aggressor country. The death or disappearance of loved ones, forced displacement, physical and psychological trauma, disability - unfortunately, this happens to someone every day.

    To record material damage and provide further assistance to victims, the country already has a Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property. However, there is no record of data on victims who have suffered intangible damage - that is, damage to human life and health - yet.

    Today, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading a draft law that would address this gap. It is draft law No. 10256 , which was elaborated by the Ministry of Social Policy in cooperation with a wide range of international and Ukrainian experts.

    This bill will enable the creation of a State Register of Persons Affected by the Armed Aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, and thus ensure the collection and recording of information about the damage caused by the aggressor country to the lives and health of our citizens.

    In turn, this will allow the state and citizens not only to record all the facts of damage to life and health, but also to form data sets that can help prove the damage in the future when citizens apply to the International Compensation Mechanism for compensation for damages through reparations.

    Moreover, the creation of a system of registration of persons whose lives and health have been affected by russian aggression will allow the Ministry of Social Policy to provide social support to victims much earlier - without waiting for them to receive bureaucratic confirmation and the appropriate "status" (IDP, person with disabilities, etc.).

    The State Register of Victims of Armed Aggression should become part of the overall ecosystem of the system of registers of damage and losses caused by russian aggression.

    In addition, the creation of the Register of Victims will ensure the accounting of state and local budget expenditures that are currently directed to support Ukrainians affected by the war. In the future, Ukraine also plans to use information on all types of damage and expenses as a result of russian aggression to obtain reparations.