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  • Resolution of the Government on relaxing quarantine restrictions published
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 07 May 2020 20:53

    The Government's Resolution on relaxing quarantine restrictions has been published on the Government Portal - the single web portal of executive authorities.

    In particular, the operation of hairdressers, summer playgrounds, public catering establishments, visiting parks will be allowed.

    The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 343 of May 4 reads. Next week, in particular, the work of some institutions and certain activities will be resumed. However, subject to anti-epidemic measures observance. The Resolution comes into force on May 11.

    What will be permitted starting May 11:

    • Parks, squares, recreation areas, parklands and coastal areas
    • Children's and sports grounds outside
    • Activity of catering establishments for takeaway services (provided that the facility is the operator of the food market)
    • Summer outdoor playgrounds in catering establishments
    • Trade in non-foods and shops (including those located in the shopping centers)
    • Activity of museums, open-air museums and conservation areas (reception of visitors by the decision of the owner)
    • Dental clinics
    • Beauty salons and hairdressers
    • Community services
    • Training of athletes of national teams
    • Activities of lawyers, notaries, auditors, psychologists
    • Activities of enterprises operating in the mass media sector
    • Filming and videoshooting, rehearsals in theaters, circuses, concert organizations, artistic groups (up to 50 people and without spectators)

    The operation of the relevant institutions will be allowed only if the following requirements are met:

    • social distancing
    • wearing a face mask
    • regular disinfection
    • compliance with anti-epidemic measures

    Restrictions remain in place for the following places and activities:

    • food courts and entertainment areas in the shopping centres
    • cinemas and theaters
    • subway
    • public transport without special passes
    • suburban, intercity intraregional, interregional transport
    • regular train and air services
    • gyms, fitness centers
    • universities, schools, kindergartens
    • holding mass events
    • moving in groups of more than 2 people (except for when accompanying children)
    • being in public without a face mask or respirator
    • stay in public places for persons under 14 years of age without being accompanied by parents
    • being on the street without identity documents
    • leaving places of observation/self-isolation without permission