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  • Olha Stefanishyna sums up results with EU ambassadors on the eve of European Commission’s report on enlargement
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 24 October 2023 11:21

    On Monday, 23 October, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna met with Ambassadors of the Member States of the European Union. The meeting took place on the eve of the publication of the European Commission’s annual enlargement report, in which Ukraine will be discussed.

    The delegation of European diplomats was led by the newly appointed EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Katarina Mathernova.

    “This is probably our last meeting before the publication of the European Commission’s enlargement report and the further work that will begin immediately after its publication in the capitals of the EU member states. So today I would like to give an overview of the work done on our side and discuss our expectations for the next steps. We are aware that the decision to open accession negotiations with Ukraine will be taken on the basis of achievements. We are committed to this principle and have prepared a solid basis for the European Commission’s decision to recommend to the EU leaders to start such negotiations,” Olha Stefanishyna said.

    The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that over the past year Ukraine had made important changes in the rule of law, including the reboot of key judicial bodies. In addition, for the first time in Ukraine’s history, judges to the Constitutional Court will be elected on a transparent, competitive basis.

    Ukraine has brought its national legislation on media and advertising regulation into line with international standards, as recognised by the EU’s mid-term evaluation. It has also adopted the Law on National Minorities (Communities) and amendments to it in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission. In their speeches, the EU ambassadors noted Ukraine’s achievements, particularly in strengthening the fight against corruption.

    “Our main goal is to ensure that everything done in Ukraine in the fight against corruption is trusted and recognised by our partners, who are the main investors in the survival of Ukraine as a state during the war and in our post-war recovery,” the Deputy Prime Minister added.

    She also recalled that the Government of Ukraine, without waiting for the official start of the negotiation process, had already begun the necessary preparations for it. A self-screening process on the conformity of Ukrainian national legislation with EU law has been launched. More than 80 public authorities and government agencies have already analysed some 28,000 pieces of EU legislation.

    “Since the beginning of the war, European integration has become one of the main sources of powerful mobilisation in the country. The Ukrainian military, who defend us on the battlefield, follow everything that Ukraine does to get closer to the EU. The decision to start accession negotiations with Ukraine is an important step that will strengthen the unity and leadership of the United Europe,” Olha Stefanishyna added.