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  • Oleksiy Honcharuk vows no room for fraud schemes-Government curtails corruption in registration of land plots
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 28 February 2020 17:22

    Сadastral registrars of the Kyiv Main Department of the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (State GeoCadastre) will be sent to business trip to Kyiv region for a month, and  registrars from Kyiv region to the capital. The same procedure will apply to Odesa and its region. This decision was made due to the still too high level of denials of land registration in Kyiv and Odesa.

    The Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk made this statement at a meeting in the State GeoCadastre.

    “I have set a goal to reduce the number of land registration refusals in Ukraine to 4% - from the 30% that were recorded at the end of 2019. I believe that 4% of the applicants did not properly submit the registration documents, but I do not believe in 20% or more. I would like to emphasize that the reduction in the number of refusals should be observed throughout the country without any exceptions. All the mechanisms are put in place for that,” the Head of Government stressed.

    The PM added that the number of refusals makes up 59% in Kyiv, in Odesa - 20%.

    “It is clear that these cities possess expensive and attractive land. At the same time, the fraudsters will not remain in power anywhere. There should be no fictitious documentation requirements. The counterstand of the old system is increasing day by day, but we will not deviate from our principles. I will always fight against corruption and shadow schemes until they are completely eradicated, ”Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

    According to the Prime Minister, in January-February the level of refusals on average in Ukraine dropped to 10%. Mechanisms to increase the transparency of the cadastre contributed to this: open access to the coordinates of land plots and free online verification of XML files for land registration.

    Apart from that, in order to eliminate the human factor an extraterritorial principle of considering applications for land registration was introduced. Thus, people do not have to visit state authorities. All applications will be randomly sent  to cadastral registrar in the country. This functionality will be introduced in early April, its technical functionality is being shaped now.

    Oleksiy Honcharuk vows no room for fraud schemes-Government curtails corruption in registration of land plots