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  • New WiM complexes are put into operation, says Vladyslav Kryklii
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 26 November 2020 11:25

    The Ministry of Infrastructure continues to install modern Weigh-in-Motion automatic dimensional and weight control systems to protect roads from damage by trucks. The works are being carried out by Ukrinfraproekt and Ukravtodor. New WiM systems undergo calibration and are put into operation. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii.

    "We continue to install modern automatic systems "Weighing in motion". 6 WiMs at the entrances to the capital are certified, one complex was put into operation in Poltava region on M-22. Ukravtodor is currently working on 11 sites. Ukrinfraproekt installed 8 WiMs on M-21, H-01, H-26, R-15, H-16, H-09 and M-24. Their calibration continues. Putting in operation of 1 WiM on the Kyiv-Chop highway in Lviv region has already been completed. Installation is underway at 12 Ukrinfraproekt sites. As a result, by the end of the year, we will receive about 50 "Weighing in Motion" complexes, so that taxpayers' money goes to equip new roads, not to repair old ones," the Minister said.

    At that, in cooperation with Ukrtransbezpeka and the Sectoral Center for Digitalization and Cybersecurity, the Ministry of Infrastructure is completing the introduction of a single weighing control system - Weigh Control System. It provides for automatic fixation of overloaded vehicles, the prosecution in case of exceeding the dimensions and weights, as well as planning the repair and reconstruction of the road network based on actual data on traffic load and traffic intensity.

    The system includes a Data Processing Center (WiM Data Center), systems for obtaining information from WiM complexes of Ukrtransbezpeka, Ukravtodor and other road owners, from mobile and stationary weighing points of vehicles, as well as from weighing complexes of ports and stevedoring companies. Additionally, it is planned to include in this solution a video recording system and a weather station for full control.

    Starting from July this year, the current information on weigh and dimensional control based on data from the Weigh Control System is available on the transport portal of electronic services bi.e-transport.gov.ua in the section "Dimensional and weight control".