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  • New Customs will start work on December 8, says Oleksiy Honcharuk
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 04 December 2019 17:18

    The Government endorsed a decree on the launch of New Customs  which will be fully functional from December 8. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk.

    "The functions are delegated from the State Fiscal Service to the State Customs Service thatwill administer customs payments. Now we have to stop smuggling, drastically retrofit the customs sphere and update our staff ", the Head of Government said.

    Apart from that, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Procedure for sale of seized property through customs auctions.

    "The property will only be sold through ProZorro Sale. It will allow to equalize the rights and opportunities of all interested bidders, as well as to simplify the circulation of the old stocks stored in the customs warehouses, "Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized. Since the beginning of 2019, goods worth about UAH 840 million have been stored in customs warehouses. This property is not owned by anyone at this time. The majority of its owners voluntarily gave up in favor of the state.

    "Our task is to efficiently and transparently sell the confiscated property and direct all funds obtained from these auctions to the state budget," Oleksiy Honcharuk summed up.

    It should be noted that the following goods will be sold through ProZorro e-auctions:

    - goods stored in customs warehouses which the owner did not collect before the expiry of the storage period;

    - goods that were discovered during customs control in the customs control zones and the owner of which is unknown;

    - goods  placed in custom regime of refusal in favor of the state;

    - perishable goods with limited shelf life.

    New Customs will start work on December 8, says Oleksiy Honcharuk