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  • Ministry of Healthcare endorsed a decision on medical treatment abroad for 21 people
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 30 October 2018 17:01

    16 adults and 5 children will shortly receive medical treatment in foreign clinics. This became possible due to the decision of the Government, which allowed use of the balances of funds formed on the accounts of foreign clinics. Amendments to the resolution, approved by the Cabinet, came into force on Saturday, October 27, and on Monday, October 29, the commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine endorsed a decision on medical treatment abroad for 21 people.

    The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has already started providing patients with information letters on the guarantee of payment of treatment for medical clinics abroad. This means that patients can already file applications to foreign clinics in order to receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible. In particular, the Ministry of Healthcare briefed relatives of patients who for a long time have been protesting near the Ministry of Healthcare because of a lack of public funding for a treatment program abroad on the decisions approved. As a result, an agreement was reached to halt the protest.

    The total cost of treatment for 21 patients makes up about UAH 65.5 million. Altogether, this year, 198 patients received medical treatment abroad with a total value of UAH 556.5 million.