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  • Ministry of Education and Science holds discussions and consultations with the public on Ukraine's participation in the European Green Deal
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 07 December 2020 13:35

    The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is discussing the participation of Ukrainian scientists and researchers in the implementation of the European Green Deal (EGD). The purpose is to consider and take into account proposals for effective participation for the country in the EGD with representatives of the scientific community, financial institutions, experts and NGOs.

    A Governmental interdepartmental working group on climate change coordination within the European Commission's European Green Deal initiative has developed a draft Position Paper on Ukraine's participation in the EGD, taking into account the results of a series of consultations with stakeholders, the executive and the legislative authorities, experts and the scientific community, NGOs, associations.

    The project is based on the practice of approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU law as well as the analysis of policies and legislative initiatives within the EGD, European Union law, commitments under the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals up to 2030 and the Association Agreement between the EU and their Member States, on the one part, and Ukraine, on the other part. The document also identifies the main principles and potential directions for initiating a dialogue with the EU on Ukraine's participation in the EGD.

    Nowadays, Ukraine is working to create a climate-neutral European continent and is an integral part of achieving the goals of the EGD. The concept of EGD, among other things, is a logical continuation of international efforts to green the economy.

    Taking into account the state of implementation of measures in the sectors covered by the EGD and based on the principles set out in the position paper, Ukraine has identified a list of sectoral areas of cooperation, including "Research, innovation, knowledge and skills", which includes the following subsections:

    accession to the European Union's Horizon Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation (2021-2027);

    ensuring access of Ukrainian scientists and cooperation within the European research infrastructure to support innovative solutions and training of highly qualified personnel in relevant sectors of the economy;

    EU support in conducting various studies to find the best ways to implement the roadmap for Ukraine's participation in the EGD.