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  • Ministry of Education and Science: Amid martial law, IRCs accompany internally displaced persons with the special education needs
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 02 May 2022 11:44

    On April 29, 2022, during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, amendments to the Regulations on Inclusive Resource Centers [IRC] were adopted aimed to expand the range of tasks for the period of martial law.

    New objectives of the IRC will include the following:

    • conducting a comprehensive assessment and systematic qualified support of persons with special educational needs (SEN) who have been forced to change their place of residence (stay) and either have been enrolled in inclusive classes (groups) or receive education with use of distance learning technologies;
    • providing informational support to parents of children with SEN regarding institutions where the child can continue his/her education and receive other additional services.

    The document also provides for the creation of conditions for psychological support of children experiencing psychological trauma.

    During the martial law period, IRC specialists will be able to provide additional correctional and developmental services to all children with SEN, including remotely.

    In addition, the changes will simplify the procedure for submitting documents for a comprehensive psychological and pedagogical assessment of child development, as well as create appropriate conditions to apply to the IRC for the persons accompanying internally displaced persons and requiring additional support.

    It should be noted that the main objectives of inclusive resource centers, of which there were 667 in Ukraine before the war, are to identify children with special educational needs as early as possible and to provide recommendations to institutions and parents to help applicants realize their right to education. Prior to the military aggression of the russian federation, inclusive resource centers employed about 4,500 highly qualified pedagogical workers who provided and continue to provide assistance to children with special educational needs.