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  • Ministry for Veterans’ Affairs and IOM launching a large-scale project to support veterans
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 03 March 2021 10:10

    Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine Yulia Laputina and Head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Office in Ukraine Anh Nguyen signed a joint Action Plan. The document provides for the launch of an international technical assistance project "Socio-economic support for the reintegration of veterans of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and their families." The initiative will be supported and funded by the European Union.

    The assistance program is aimed at ATO/JFO veterans, the population affected by the war in Donbas and veteran hubs that will be identified during the project implementation.

    The deadline for the project is May 2022, the total budget of the program will be two million euros.

    "We are grateful to international organizations that help us adapt veterans to a peaceful life, support our defenders and care about their mental health, and provide opportunities for psychological rehabilitation. This is especially important for veterans with injuries and citizens who previously lived in the occupied territories, and with the beginning of the war went to defend the country," said Yulia Laputina.

    According to Mr. Anh Nguyen, Ukrainian veterans and their families are quite a large part of society and this category is interesting for IOM.

    "We are considering many different projects, an important aspect of which is the social component. Having the necessary support the veterans will be able to return to active life. Our organization works in the legal field, establishes contacts with the government and business, and this will also facilitate communication with families and the community," said the Chief of the IOM Mission in Ukraine.

    The expected results of the project include deepening the professional skills of veterans needed for employment and starting their own business, creating a community support network for successful reintegration of veterans, improving the capacity of providers of mental health and psychosocial support. The program aims to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry for Veterans’ Affairs in the development and implementation of policies to protect the rights of veterans.

    "One of the main issues for us is to create conditions for doing veteran business. This will help create additional jobs for veterans who return home after defending the country. Another important issue is the transition from military to civilian life. To do this, it is necessary to give our defenders certain knowledge and skills to master civilian professions. It can be the IT sphere, agrarian business and other projects," Yulia Laputina summed up.