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  • Minister of Social Policy Andrii Reva signed a Memorandum of cooperation in the area of improving the quality of career guidance for youth
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 03 June 2019 17:58

    On June 3, 2019, Minister of Social Policy Andrii Reva chaired a meeting of the Council on professional orientation of the population, within the framework of which there was signed a Memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Social Policy, the State Employment Service of Ukraine (Central Office).

    The following main areas of cooperation are determined by the Memorandum:

    - modernization of forms of vocational guidance work with the youth, application of modern information-communication and distance technologies in vocational guidance;

    - assistance in the establishment of career centers based on institutions of higher and vocational education in order to provide professional counseling for young people to adapt to the conditions of the labor market, skills development, demanded by employers;

    - organization of joint vocational guidance events for youth;

    - creation of conditions for increasing the efficiency of cooperation between enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions on conducting vocational guidance for young people.

    In his statement, the Minister of Social Policy noted that any country that cares about its future pays great attention to the conditions of development and formation of young people, and solving problems of the youth in all aspects of life appear the main objectives of the state.

    Andrii Reva also drew attention of the participants to such important issues as youth unemployment, structural imbalance between supply and demand for highly skilled workers, and the discrepancy between the professional and general competences of workers and what employers seek in the labor market.

    "To overcome the structural imbalance in the labor market and to align the training programs with the needs of employers, the Government has made certain achievements, although much remains ahead", the Minister said and emphasized that, in order to upgrade the content of vocational education in line with the requirements of the employers the Ministry of Social Policy had launched work on the development and approval of professional standards that will ensure that the content of training programs is adapted to the needs of employers and is to promote professional guidance towards the conscious choice of the education profile and the future profession in accordance with the intentions, needs, interests and abilities of each individual.

    He also noted that presently the Ministry of Social Policy had prepared a number of initiatives to amend the legislation on employment, which envisages the improvement of labor market management mechanisms, the implementation of active programs for its development and the strengthening of the tripartite social dialogue.

    "At that, we believe that in order to reduce unemployment among young people in Ukraine, today it is necessary to pay more attention to the issues of professional orientation of young people who are studying and who are already looking for work, to facilitate the choose and receive relevant labor market professions and opportunities to realize the potential through chosen profession. After all, mastering the profession in an educational institution will make it easier to integrate into the labor market. Issues of professional orientation development require the cooperation of all key stakeholders who work with young people, and those are central and local executive authorities and parties to the social dialogue. The platform for such cooperation may be the Council on professional orientation", Andrii Reva summed up.