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  • Ministry for Veterans Affairs will take care of families of the fallen servicemen
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 12 February 2019 09:31

    Ministry for Veterans Affairs will take care of  families of the fallen servicemen. This was announced by Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Iryna Friz during a meeting with veterans of Dnipropetrovsk region, while answering questions of wives of the killed soldiers.

    According to its Regulations, the Ministry for Veterans Affairs will be responsible for the categories of persons who fall under the current Law on the Status of Veterans of War.

    The position of the Deputy Minister, who will be responsible for families if the fallen soldiers will be established in the structure of the Ministry.

    One of the issues raised by veterans was the establishment of the departments of the Ministry in regions.

     The conversation revolved around allocation of land plots, housing for veterans and families of the fallen servicemen and employment of persons with disabilities.

    Moreover, the attendees discusses issues related to adaptation of servicemen and veterans. The Minister Iryna Friz stressed the need for an information and explanatory program regarding the work of psychologists. "The soldiers, veterans and members of their families knew and were ready to have psychological support,"  Iryna Friz underscored.