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  • Ministry of Energy: EU to continue supporting Ukraine’s energy sector
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 29 March 2023 10:23

    Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko attended a meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels.

    Following the meeting, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, Business and Industry, Ebba Busch, who chaired the meeting, and German Galushchenko reported on its results.

    Ebba Busch stressed that all the participants expressed their solidarity with Ukraine and discussed further steps to support the Ukrainian energy sector, which continued to be subjected to targeted russian attacks.

    According to Ebba Busch, the European Union has already made a number of decisions to support Ukraine’s energy sector and supply about 5 million items of various equipment and materials. This assistance must be continued. With Ukraine winning the war and beginning to rebuild and recover, the EU will be a committed partner in this process.

    She stressed that supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their fight against the aggressor was one of Sweden’s priorities during its EU presidency.

    German Galushchenko thanked the EU for its solidarity with Ukraine, stressing that russia is attacking not only the Ukrainian energy system, but also the unity of the European community, including in supporting Ukraine.

    “We have to remain consolidated, because Ukraine is part of the European family, and we will certainly become a member of the EU. And this is the feeling of our defenders on the front line – they are also fighting for Ukraine’s membership in the EU,” said German Galushchenko.

    The Minister stressed that the meeting discussed the need to maintain sanctions against russia and specific areas in which they could be strengthened, in particular in the nuclear sector.

    “It is important to send a signal now that russia, which violates the key principles of nuclear and radiation safety by its actions in Ukraine, should not be allowed on European markets,” he stressed.