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  • Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry ensures social aspect when introducing electricity market taken into account

    The current Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market" stipulates that the new electricity market should be introduced on July 1, 2019, which will operate in line with the EU standards.

    The law was developed together with international partners and adopted by the Parliament. Currently, there are no legal grounds for postponing the launch of a new electricity market.

    In turn, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry implemented all necessary measures and developed all necessary regulatory acts of secondary legislation in accordance with the Law.

    In order to resolve issues that arose while the introducing of a new electricity market, with the participation of market players, a number of meetings were held, in particular, at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, the NEURC and the Council of the Wholesale Electricity Market.

    Starting from 02.05.2019, at the daily selector meetings in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, the problematic issues that arise among the market participants during the implementation of test operations in all segments of the electricity market are discussed, as well as the ways of their solution considered.

    Among important issues when introducing a new electricity market is taking into account the social aspect. The introduction of a new electricity market should not lead to higher prices for electricity for the population.

    In order to preserve the cost of electricity for the population, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduces a mechanism for the imposition of special duties, which will ensure compensation for the difference between market and regulated electricity prices for the population.