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  • Ministry of Economy: Over the past week, businesses received UAH 1.2 billion of affordable loans
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 30 January 2023 16:03

    Over the past week, more than 300 entrepreneurs have obtained loans under the Affordable Loans at 5-7-9% Government Program for a total of UAH 1.2 billion. Since the start of the program in February 2020, banks have issued 54,000 loans worth UAH 169 billion to businesses.

    Most entrepreneurs took anti-crisis loans – UAH 61.8 billion, and UAH 28.6 billion – to refinance previously obtained loans. In addition, UAH 40.3 billion was issued for anti-war purposes and UAH 10.9 billion for investment purposes. Agrarians were granted UAH 25.8 billion in loans to support their activities, while trading companies were issued UAH 1.4 billion in loans to replenish their working capital.

    The most frequent borrowers under the program are companies operating in agriculture (53%), trade and production (24%), and industrial processing (14%). Among the regions, the leaders in terms of the amount of concluded loan agreements are Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kyiv, Vinnytsia regions, and the city of Kyiv.

    As of today, 45 banks are participating in the program, with the largest number of loans issued by Privatbank (22,500) and Oschadbank (8,100).

    The Affordable Loans at 5-7-9% Government Program allows entrepreneurs to leverage up to UAH 60 million at 0% for the period of wartime +1 month thereafter. For the retail trade networks, credit funds to the tune of up to UAH 1 billion at 5% per annum are available, thereby enabling them to pay their suppliers on time and replenish their financial balance.

    Moreover, the Government has enlarged a program of soft loans for enterprises destroyed as a result of the hostilities. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to receive credit funding for the rehabilitation of production capacities at 9% for up to 5 years in the amount of up to UAH 60 million.