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  • Ministry of Economy: Japan ready to join Supervisory Board of Humanitarian Mine Action Centre
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 25 April 2023 09:41

    Japan is ready to support humanitarian demining in Ukraine and consider delegating a representative to the Supervisory Board of the Humanitarian Mine Action Centre. This was discussed during a meeting between Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine, and Matsuda Kuninori, Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine.

    “A Humanitarian Mine Action Centre has been established in Ukraine. It will coordinate all participants in this process, raise funds and set priorities for demining specific areas. In order to make this process as transparent as possible, we are planning to set up a supervisory board that will include representatives of the G7 countries and other interested international organisations. We are interested in having representatives from countries with experience in this area,” said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    For his part, the Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine supported such government initiatives and expressed readiness to provide assistance in the humanitarian demining process.

    According to Matsuda Kuninori, Japan understands that humanitarian demining in Ukraine is a very long-term project. Nearly 29% of Ukraine’s territory may be mined. Japan has long experience in humanitarian demining with third countries, including Cambodia. It can help Ukraine by training specialists and providing the necessary equipment, and is willing to work with the Ukrainian Government for many years, so Ukraine can be sure of Japan’s sincere support.

    The Ambassador of Japan said that his country supported the idea of establishing a Humanitarian Mine Action Centre in Ukraine. Japan is ready to send its representative and help attract candidates from other countries to the Centre’s Supervisory Board. It is also ready to coordinate humanitarian demining with other countries.

    According to Matsuda Kuninori, Japan is ready to provide financial and technical assistance and to share its experience. The Ambassador noted that he took this issue seriously and welcomed Ukraine’s efforts. As a representative of the country currently holding the G7 Presidency, he also pledged to continue mobilising international support in this area.

    The meeting also touched upon the issue of Ukraine launching negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) this year.