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  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources: Another 10 national parks digitized
    Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, posted 19 January 2021 08:51

    As part of a joint project, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in synergy with Google Ukraine have created virtual tourist routes and panoramas for 10 more national nature parks in Ukraine.

    From now on, everyone can make an extraordinary virtual journey along ecological trails, river routes, visit the Rocks of Dovbush or Dead Lake, Buk (Beech – ed.) Spring or St. Nicholas Estate…

    Virtual travel, especially during quarantine, allows you to amuse from everyday routine and enjoy the landscapes of Ukraine.

    "We are keeping up with the times. Digitized national parks are not only new opportunities for the development of environmental protection domain. First of all, it is the popularization of fascinating Ukrainian landscapes far beyond its borders. This is another way to demonstrate that Ukraine is amazing and worth traveling to," said Roman Abramovskyy, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

    It is worth noting that last year the first six protected areas were digitized as part of the project: https://bit.ly/3sBp3fu.

    Follow the links and travel through the conservation areas of Ukraine:

    The Vyzhnytsky National Nature Reserve

    The Uzhansky National Nature Reserve 

    The Hutsulshchyna National Nature Reserve 

    The Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Reserve 

    The Zacharovany Krai (Enchanted District) National Nature Reserve 

    The Cheremosky National Nature Reserve 

    The Verkhovynsky National Nature Reserve 

    The Karpatskyy National Nature Reserve

    The Dermansko-Ostrozkyy National Nature Reserve 

    The Kremenetski Hory National Nature Reserve