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  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources launches strategic environmental assessment of the National Waste Management Plan of Ukraine until 2033

    The draft document was prepared by the team of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources in collaboration with European experts in accordance with EU Directives.

    The National Plan is an important part of the roadmap for waste management reform in Ukraine. It contains a comprehensive vision of the measures that our country needs to implement, from improving the regulatory framework to introducing the latest technologies and creating the necessary infrastructure.

    The document outlines the overall picture - where we are heading, what targets we need to achieve to use the same terminology with the EU and to comply with European standards.

    For example, the targets set out in the National Plan include the following:

    • 98% of the urban and 95% of the rural population will be covered by household waste management services by 2033;
    • coverage of 100% of large cities, 95% of urban and 70% of rural population with waste sorting by 2033;
    • reducing the volume of household waste disposal to 30% by 2030.

    For the first time, the National Plan contains the National Programme for Reducing BioWaste Landfilling and the National Programme for Waste Prevention. These documents have also been developed in line with the best European practices.

    The National Waste Management Plan is due to be approved in 2024. Therefore, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources has now launched an important stage of the document's adoption - its strategic environmental assessment (SEA)(registration number 08-12-3813-23).

    It should be reminded that the SEA is aimed at identifying in advance all potential negative consequences of the implementation of the strategic planning document. This allows for a timely response, necessary amendments to draft acts, and elimination of risks. The goal of the National Plan is to reduce the environmental impact of waste, create new markets and jobs, and achieve sustainable use of resources.