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  • Water level in the Dnipro River at Kherson has dropped by almost 1.5 metres: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources

    The water level in the Dnipro River at the Kherson mark has dropped by almost 1.5 metres to 4.2 metres. On average, the water level is decreasing by 1-5 cm per hour.

    As of this morning, 70% or 13.95 cubic kilometres of water was lost from the reservoir due to the occupiers' blowing up of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam. The water level in the reservoir near Nikopol is 9.35 metres.

    In the area of the Nizhnedniprovsky Nature Park, the water level has dropped by 20 cm compared to the evening figures.

    The water level in the Kamianska Sich National Park continues to drop by more than 7 metres.

    Experts from the State Environmental Inspectorate and the State Water Agency are taking water samples where possible. According to the results of laboratory tests, the content of oil products in the Dnipro and Ingulets rivers does not exceed the maximum permissible concentrations.

    Environmental inspectors continue to record and calculate all the damage caused to the environment by russia's terrorist attack on the Kakhovka HPP.