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  • Minister of Health briefed the Parliament on the interim results of the fight against COVID-19
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 04 September 2020 11:26

    The task of the authorities is to help citizens adapt to the new reality and to prepare as much as possible for all the scenarios related to the COVID-19 epidemic. Minister of Health Maxym Stepanov announced speaking in the Verkhovna Rada.

    "COVID-19 is already an integral part of our lives. This is our new reality. Our common task is to help citizens shortly adapt to it," Maxym Stepanov said.

    According to him, at the beginning of September, there were 26,000 beds in 315 health care facilities that provide care for COVID-19 patients, and another 213 hospitals in the reserve, ready to accept another 9,000 patients with coronavirus disease. He also stressed that the Ministry of Health has restored the work of laboratory centers and significantly increased the number of tests.

    "In 5 months, we resumed the work of laboratory centers (from 4 to 69) and increased the number of tests using PCR method from 200 to almost 25,00 per day. And we continue to gain momentum. The total number of tests already performed is about 1,700,000," the Minister said.

    "As of September 2, the number of registered cases among health workers is  11,498 (9.1% of all), including 93 cases that led to death. Due to our actions, the average weekly share of COVID-10 cases among medical has decreased from 20.08% to 4.98% as of now, " the Health Minister stressed.

    Maxym Stepanov noted that presently all health workers who work with patients with COVID-19 receive supplemental payments to the tune of 300%.

    "When I headed the Ministry, the country faced serious problems with the provision of personal protective equipment for doctors. This shortfall has been eliminated. At the beginning of the fall, hospitals have more than 1.4 million suits and gowns (an average three-month supply), almost 5 million masks and 1.3 million respirators, as well as 5.4 million gloves," Maxym Stepanov summed up.