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  • Maxym Stepanov: The Ministry of Health will not initiate the abolition of strict quarantine
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 28 December 2020 13:16

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, despite the reduction in the number of new cases of COVID-19, will not recommend the abolition or postponement of the strict quarantine, which is scheduled from 8 to 24 January. This was announced during a briefing by the Minister of Health Maxym Stepanov.

    "The introduction of strict quarantine from 8 to 24 January is necessary to relieve pressure on the medical system. In addition to the projected increase in the incidence of COVID-19 after the New Year holidays, we also see a seasonal increase in influenza patients starting in late January and during February. "Influenza patients often have the same complications as patients with coronavirus disease. Therefore, it is rather critical for us to approach this stage with a minimum number of patients with COVID-19, so that our medical system is efficient," urged the Minister of Health.

    Moreover, Maxym Stepanov stressed that a significant reduction in the number of people suffering from coronavirus disease is the result of anti-epidemic measures currently in force in Ukraine, including weekend quarantine. However, due to the constant violation of these rules during the celebration of New Year's events, the pandemic in Ukraine may gain momentum. The head of the Ministry of Health called on the organizers of the holiday events to ensure conditions for maximum compliance with the quarantine rules, and on the controlling bodies and local governments - to monitor compliance with these rules.

    It should be noted that last week the Ministry of Health together with Ukrainian specialists and international experts had completed its work on the "Roadmap for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine and mass vaccination in response to the pandemic COVID-19 in Ukraine in 2021-2022."